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Tourist &  business visas / work, residence or citizenship permits / registration services…


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For household goods, pets or offices. A full list of services.

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Search for the services you need, from an independent list of providers.  It’s as simple as booking a flight or accommodation online!

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Our Services is a unique, expert-led, transparent and customer friendly relocation & immigration marketplace. We developed based on our own 25 years of expatriate experience, including 10 years of managing and developing small and global relocation companies.


Visas, permits and registration services. 
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All professional providers are welcome. Large, small, local & international. Providers for all requirements and budgets. Now, everyone can easily access & afford professional advice!
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Home & school search, utilities connection, settling-in support and more…
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All other related services that you may need when relocating or on your business travels; including translations, transportation, financial services and much more…


For household goods, pets or office moves.
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GoRelocate is the first marketplace where you can search, compare and buy relocation, immigration, moving and other related services – online!

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We make getting advice simple and easy online. We open access to all providers – big and small. We de-construct services into understandable, easy to buy ‘mini-services’. So, you can buy only the things you need, at the price you can afford.


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Who is it for?

Private Individuals

Individual private customers can use GoRelocate to find everything they need from simple tourist visa services to emigrating to a new country. For leisure, living, work or study – we have it covered.

Employees & Contractors

Employees, consultants and contractors can use GoRelocate to easily manage their relocation and business travel needs. Ideal for those with ‘lump-sum’ or ‘managed lump-sum’ relocation packages.

Business & Organisations

Corporate clients and other organisations use GoRelocate to find, benchmark / compare and order/buy relocation, immigration and related services – that their organisations / employees / contractors need.