Become a Provider

Becoming a provider is easy and FREE. You only pay a fee when a customer buys your service(s).  All professional providers are welcome to join us.

Simply complete the simple registration form and we will reply if your application was successful. Only professional and pre-checked providers are allowed to offer services on the marketplace

Why Become a Provider on

  • No orders – no fees. You only pay a fee when a customer buys your service(s)
  • Pre-qualified individual and corporate customers
  • All customers have paid for your services in advance
  • Low cost customer acquisition (pre-paid customers delivered to your inbox)
  • Simple for customers to search, view, compare and buy your services
  • Ready-made online marketplace to offer your services
  • Create your online ‘sub-brand’ (e.g. ABC Relo “Direct”) – if you want
  • Smart filters allow customers to compare providers properly
  • And so much more!

Simple Fee Structure

Everything on is highly transparent.

All payments from customers are paid directly to your account – minus the platform fees. The platform fees also include the payment gateway fees.

Our current Platform Fees are;

(a) Annual Registration Fee: FREE
(b) Platform Fee: 12.5% * for all service transactions.

*Note: Our default standard platform fee is 25%. We offer a 50% discount for all providers in their first 180 days on The platform fees will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Remember, you only pay a fee when a customer buys your service(s)!