Business & Organisations provides a marketplace / platform for businesses to manage their relocating employees, consultants and contractors.

The marketplace is especially relevant for people with a Lump Sum Relocation Allowance. Getting Started is simple.

The individual employees / contractors will then be able to choose from a wide range of relocation services, from the listed professional vendors.

Both the individuals and organisation can check on the use and current status of each individuals account and by checking your account management page.

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Why For Business?

Admin Time & Cost Savings

Assignee Time & Cost Savings

Compliant Supplier Marketplace

Benchmarking Suppliers

Simple E-procurement / E-Auctions

Budget Accountability

Duty of Care

Dashboard Management Tool

All Services – One platform – Online

More Choice For Your People

If you cannot or do not want to recommend a single service provider for your employees or contractors relocation services, then you can recommend them to the independent marketplace.

Your colleagues can find all the providers they need, giving them more choice, while ensuring you remain independent in their choice of suppliers.

You can either simply “recommend” your colleagues to use our marketplace, OR you can “register” them on our marketplace so that they must use the marketplace and marketplace providers for their supplier needs. The choice is yours. Using pre-checked providers on GoRelocate also ensures a level of ‘Duty of Care’.

Duty of Care

Duty of Care is rightly a hot topic in business. This also applies to business relocations and business travel. 

Providing a cash lump sum to an employee or contractor may be efficient for the business. But it generally does not provide any duty of care to the individual – because the business may not know which services are being purchased and if the service providers are professional etc.

Our marketplace solves this problem by having;

  • Pre-checked professional providers
  • Industry recognised services
  • Financial accountability for relocation spend


The lack of standardisation and general pricing transparency makes it difficult for business to benchmark their current or future service providers.

While we accept that some cases are too complicated to provide an online fee / price, we think this is the minority – not the majority.

It’s 2021. Let’s get transparent!


Lump Sum Allowances are difficult to track. It means business departments find it difficult to account for where the organisations relocation budgets are spent.

Some relocation management software providers provide some level of accountability via their portals, but these portal are typically only using a selected number of providers. is 100% supplier / provider independent. More choice and better conditions for your business and your people.

Standardised Services

We have “de-constructed” the services offered by providers. Think of air travel where an air ticket is split between flight cost, seat reservation, boarding priority, insurance & baggage allowance.  We are doing exactly the same, but for relocation, immigration and moving services.

More simple choices for customers. Easier to understand, more affordable and possible to buy/order online!

It can be confusing to compare services from relocation & immigration providers. There is no general regulation or widely accepted industry standard for describing  services.  If service descriptions are not standardised then it is almost impossible to compare services from multiple providers.

So, it is difficult for customers to make an informed choice. We have created the standard service descriptions that all providers must use.

Secure & Reliable

Secure & Reliable Platform

Our marketplace is constantly monitored for quality and safety.

Unprofessional providers will be removed from the platform. 

The Service Providers

All qualified & professional providers can offer their services on our independent marketplace.

This ensures that our customers have access to all types of providers; large & small, local & international, multi-lingual and prices to suit all budgets.

Now, everyone can afford professional advice!

Simple e-procurement Auctions

We provide a simple “e-procurement” via our Reverse Auction service.

A simple, fast and effective solution for businesses who need multiple offers and want to make an informed decision in the shortest time possible.

Register Now!

 Just follow these simple steps …

  • Register your organisation on the platform
  • Create a user account for each individual with lump sum allowances
  • Define the approved relocation services for each individual (and any limits per service)
  • Define any conditions that apply to each individuals relocation lump sum package
  • Add a monetary credit to each individual account (by bank transfer, paypal, credit card etc)
  • Individual can start to use their credit for purchasing services from the platform

Once this is completed, we will;

Confirm to you that the individual(s) are registered on the platform

You / we send a confirmation email to each individual (cc you) with their registration login details.

And thats it! 

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