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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Regional Development Agencies (RDA)

The GoRelocate.com marketplace provides multiple opportunities for investment agencies, development agencies, business commerce associations to promote their services – and make it easier for investors to choose their location. Our marketplace also offers private business and business advisers the opportunity to promote their offer to investors, such as Market Entry assistance and much more.

Why Gorelocate.com For Agencies?

  • Sales Promotion
  • Online Sales
  • Agency Branded Relocation Marketplace
  • Transparent & Independent
  • Simple bench-marking
  • Duty of Care
  • All Services – One platform – Online for…
  • Business / Owners / Managers / Employees & Contractors

Online Sales Platform

Use the GoRelocate.com marketplace to promote your services such as Market Entry Support, Advisory Services and much more.  Investors can buy or order your service immediately online.

Duty of Care

Duty of Care is rightly a hot topic in business. If an investor company needs relocation related services, you can recommend them to our independent marketplace where they will find all the services they need from from pre-checked professional vendors.

Own Branded Marketplace

We offer agencies the opportunity to use the GoRelocate.com marketplace as your own-branded platform, either as a single platform or as the ‘relocation’ vertical of your overall platform offer.

100% Independent

Our marketplace is 100% independent. It means that if you do not want to or cannot recommend single vendors to your clients / potential clients, then our marketplace is is the perfect ‘multi-vendor’ solution.

The Vendors

All qualified & professional vendors can offer their services on our independent GoRelocate marketplace. This ensures that our customers have access to all types of vendors; large & small, local & international, multi-lingual and prices to suit all budgets. Now, everyone can afford professional advice!


Easily benchmark your service offer against other agencies and advisors.