GoRelocate FAQ

Below you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).  The FAQ’s are split into ‘Provider’ and ‘Customer’ sections. If the answer you need is not listed here, please send your enquiry to info@gorelocate.com

Providers FAQ’s

Can I add a NEW service?

Yes. You can send us your request to create / upload a new service t with all information and details. If we approve it, then we will upload the service to your service offers.

Can I edit / change the Standard Service templates?

Yes – and no.

You can make the following changes to an existing service template:

  1. Service price
  2. Service attribute variations (e.g. Choose English or English & French, as a variation on the attribute “Service Delivery Language”)
  3. Add more information to the bottom  of the General Description in the service descriptions.

You can not change:

  1. Basic General Description or Short Description
  2. Types of attributes listed (choose “none” if you dont want to offer any specific attribute(s).
  3. Anything else.

You CAN propose a new service. Send your full requirements to services@gorelocate.com and we will consider your request.

Can I provide a service for free?

Currently, this is not possible. We may offer this option in the near future. You can offer a free service as an additional benefit to an existing service.

Example: You offer free airport collection when a customer orders your Home Search service.

Do I need to publish a price for our services?

Yes. Our marketplace allows customers to buy a product / service immediately online. In order to do this, customers must understand clearly what they are buying and how much that product / service costs.

How do I register as a Provider on www.GoRelocate.com

Simple. Click this link here and complete the simple Provider Registration Form. or go to our website www.GoRelocate.com/vendors

After you complete the registration form, we will confirm your registration and provide you with user name and password to enter the Provider dashboard. We will then guide you through the simple onboarding process.

How do providers get paid by customers?

Customers pay directly at the checkout page via the popular STRIPE.COM payment gateway. Stripe will forward the customers payment to the provider after seven days*, minus the GoRelocate Marketplace Commission (currently 7.5%). Stripe.com is a global leader in secure online marketplaces such as Booking.com and others. (*Note: explanation of the Stripe payment conditions can be read here. https://stripe.com/docs/payouts#7-day).

Provider Stripe Account

You will need to open a simple and free Stripe Standard Account at www.stripe.com  in order to receive payments from customer.

GoRelocate does NOT handle the customer payment. It is managed directly via Stripe.com trusted payment gateway.

How much does GoRelocate charge providers?

We believe in a win-win-win for customers, providers and us of course. Provider registration is free.  We charge a percentage of each transaction going through our platform. This fee is called the Platform Fee. There is also a payment fee for using the Stripe.com payment gateway.

What is the payment process for customers?

Customers order services by using their credit card via the Stripe.com Payment Gateway which has been integrated to our checkout process.

What are the steps to become a provider?

GoRelocate.com | Provider Registration & On-boarding Process

This is a summary of the Provider Registration & On-boarding Process.  We hope the registration and on-boarding process is simple and easy. If not, please tell us how we can improve it. We welcome your feedback.

Special Offer: We will provide you with a FREE onboarding support in Q1 2021! Just ask for assistance.

 General Steps:

  1. You submit your Provider Registration Form (gorelocate.com/vendors )
  2. You receive an automatic Provisional Provider Registration Confirmation
  3. We make a Provider Check
  4. You Receive Provider Registration Approval
  5. You Log in to your GoRelocate.com Provider Page (gorelocate.com/my-account)
  6. You enter your Provider Dashboard
    • You Update/edit your Provider Profile
    • We give you access to the simple Product Editing Guide
    • You Update / edit your Provider Product(s)
    • You change status of the products from “draft” to “pending”
  7. We approve your profile / product updates /edits
  8. We send you confirmation that your products are “published” on GoRelocate.com and customers can now buy your services
What happens if a customer orders the wrong service?

If a customer orders the wrong service they can ask the vendor for a refund. Then the customer can order the new correct service as suggested by the provider.

Can we add a form or document for customers to complete?

Yes. You can add any document or form you wish. You can different forms for each service or the same document for all services. You can also add your Terms & Conditions. The customer will be asked to complete any forms/documents BEFORE they purchase the service at the checkout process.

Which type of customers use GoRelocate?

GoRelocate.com is a marketplace for all individuals and business organisations who need relocation and immigration related services for themselves, their employees or their business partners.

This includes private individuals moving from one location to another or people retiring or moving abroad.

It is also used by companies managing the relocation of their global workforce and contractors.  Our platform can also be used by  government  and regional development / investment agencies (FDI/RDA) wishing to make corporate relocation more easy, transparent and cost / time effective for potential investors.

Customers FAQ’s

Can I pay in my local currency?

If your local currency is Euro, then yes. We currently operate our marketplace with Euro currency only. We will add other major currencies during November/December 2018.

Customer reviews ratings

Customers are able to rate the service/product from all vendors. These reviews are public on the www.gorelocate.com marketplace.

Nobody is perfect. We realise from time to time that vendors cannot always offer 100% satisfaction to every customer.. We also realise that sometimes customers expectations are not met, or in some cases, unrealistic.

If you are a vendor, and you dispute a customers rating review, then you have three options:

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Contact the customer to resolve any open issues.
  3. Go to arbitration.

Unlike some marketplaces, we do NOT remove any ratings (good or bad), unless there is a legal or other serious reason to do so. We believe in full transparency, in all its good and not so good forms.

If a customer and a vendor go to arbitration, we will accept the findings of the arbitration, and will remove a negative rating, if arbitration favours the vendor.

We believe this is the fairest solution for everyone.

Do I get charged if I cancel my purchase during the 7-day cooling off period?


How do refunds work?

All payments have a standard 7-day payment process. It means that the customers payment has been ‘reserved’ (e.g. blocked on their credit card) and will be paid out to the vendor after 7 days. If the vendor does not wish to accept the customers order, or the customer has ordered the wrong product / service, then the vendor can request that the payment be refunded to the customer. This 7 day period allows for refunds, changes and vendor refusals (e.g. after a due diligence process).

How do vendors get paid by customers?

Customers pay directly at the checkout page via the Stripe.com payment gateway. Stipe will forward the customers payment to the vendor after seven days, minus the GoRelocate Marketplace Commission (currently 7.5%)

How do you choose vendors for GoRelocate.com?

All vendors are eligible to offer their services on www.GoRelocate.com if they can demonstrate their professional qualifications and / or experience.  This means customers have access to all types and sizes of vendors, to make sure there is a relevant option for all customers.

Service Delivery Language

Service Delivery Language is the language(s) which a vendor will offer to their customer on each product that they offer – as a STANDARD service – and not at an additional cost.  This language service includes all communication and documentation, except where this documentation is only available in original language (e.g. government laws / rules).  Vendors will be expected to explain any non-translated documents to the customer.

Terms & Conditions (General)

Our General Terms & Conditions are listed on the site at www.gorelocate.com/terms-and-conditions

What if I change my mind after buying a product or service?

No problem. We have created an automatic 7-day cooling off period, which means you have 7 days to cancel your purchase.

What is the payment process from customers to vendors?

Customers can order services by using their credit card via the Stripe.com Payment Gateway which has been integrated to our checkout process. You will need to open a simple and free Stripe Standard Account at www.stripe.com  in order to receive payments from customer.

Customers will make their payment via Stripe on our checkout page. Stripe will process the payment to you directly, minus our platform commission. GoRelocate does NOT handle the customer payment. It is managed directly via Stripe.com trusted payment gateway.

Who approves Vendors?

Firstly, GoRelocate.com is 100% independent.

All vendors are approved by the GoRelocate management team who have almost 10 years experience in the relocation industry. All vendors must either be a member of their professional association or demonstrate that their most authorised person has minimum of 3 years senior management experience in the chosen industry.