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Below are various topics to help you navigate around the marketplace and find what you need quickly and easily.  Our FAQ section is also shown at the bottom of this page if you need more information.

Product Filters

We use Product Filters to help you choose a relocation product, just the same way as or Airbnb would use to help you choose accommodation. Filters help you find exactly the type of service or product you want – personalised for you.

Below are the main Product Filters used on and an explanation what they are and how you can use them. If you have an idea for a new Product Filter just let us know! 

Filter: Consultant Gender

This filter lets you choose the ‘gender’ of the person who will give you advice.

Example: Some customers may prefer to use a female consultant, for either safety or cultural reasons.

Filter: Fee Budget

This filter allows you to find products that match your desired budget.

Example: You may have a total budget of 1.000. You bought a product for 600. Now you want to find another product that costs 400 or less – quickly and simply.

Filter: Location (City/Region)

This filter helps you quickly find a vendor who provides a service in the city / regional location that you need.

Example: You want waste time talking to a vendor who only provides services in London, if you need your service provided in Manchester.

Filter: Professional Memberships

This filter lets you choose vendors who are members of or authorised by one or more professional membership organisations.

Example 1: You (or your employer) only wants to use an immigration specialist who is a member of the UK Law Society. Or you only want to use a relocation provider who is a member of ERC or EuRA.

Example 2: Your employer only allows you to use the relocation or immigration service from vendors who is part of larger vendor network or association.

Filter: Professional Indemnity Cover

This filter lets you choose a vendor who provides a certain amount of indemnity insurance cover – in the event that you feel secure about the advice you are receiving from the vendor.

Filter: Vendor (Adviser) Experience

This filter helps you choose the level of experience that you want from your vendor/advisor.

Example: You may want to use the highest level of immigration adviser (Level 3) to help you with a complex immigration appeals service or other complicated requirements.

Filter: Service Delivery Language

This practical filter lets you choose vendors who can provide their service in the language of your choice. ‘Service Delivery’ means that the vendor will communicate with you in the language of your choice (if available from the vendor). 

Please note that ‘Service Delivery’ does not include translations of any official documentation. This would be an external cost.

Filter: Money Back Guarantee

This filter lets you choose a vendor who provides a ‘Money Back Guarantee’ on a specific product / service.

Filter: Professional Liability Insurance

This filter allows you to choose a vendor who has a certain minimum amount of professional liability insurance, in the event that a vendor become liable for bad advice. 

For example; vendors who are members of a certain association may need to have more insurance than others.


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