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How we do it?

We make getting advice simple and easy online. We open access to all providers – big and small. We de-construct services into understandable, easy to buy mini-services. So, you can buy only the services you need, at the price you can afford.


100% completely independent marketplace.

De-centralising access to providers for our customers. No “preferred” providers.

ALL professional providers welcome. 

Customers can find the provders that meet their needs and budget. Fully transparent.

All providers are pre-checked.



We have “de-constructed” the  services offered by providers.

Think of air travel where an air ticket is split between flight cost, seat reservation, boarding priority, insurance & baggage allowance.

We are doing exactly the same, but for relocation, immigration and moving services.

More simple choices for customers.



It is difficult, almost impossible, to buy relocation and immigration services online. Most online sites either hide the names of vendors, or make you go offline (e.g. send an email…) to order or buy services.

GoRelocate makes sure that you can search, compare and immediately buy the services you need, transparently, immediately and securely online.


It’s 2021! We understand that sometimes, it is difficult for providers to quote a price for a complicated service request.

BUT, we think that is possible to provide customers (and customers now expect) with an exact price for a service, so they can buy that service now, online.

We do this by standardising services and providing all possible service features and features variations.


It can be confusing to compare services from relocation & immigration . There is no general regulation to or widely accepted industry standard for describing services.

If service descriptions are not standardised then it is almost impossible to compare products & services from multiple providers. So, it is difficult to make an informed choice. We have created the standard service descriptions that all providers must use.


We provide a managment dashboard so that corporates and organisations can manage their employees / contractors during the provider selection process.

Organisation can deposit the relocation allowance or budget for services onto the GoRelocate marketplace. Employees & contractors can then use the allocated funds to purchase services from the marketplace providers.

Duty of Care and Accountability provided.