Moving Services

          Moving Services – Introduction

At, we use the term “moving services” to describe the process of moving your household goods/items, other types of items and pets, from one location to another. This service can include; a move survey, packing/unpacking, loading / unloading, customs clearance and transportation bu road, air or sea. The most important part of a moving service is the “move quote”.  Below you can find out all you need to know about moving quotes, the services and professional vendors on who can help you. Good luck with your move! 🙂

Product Categories

  Terminology – The “Quote”

To find out the cost of moving your goods, you will need to ask one or more moving companies (vendors) for a “quote”.  Of course, you can request a quote or buy the service right here on!

The quote will normally tell you the cost for moving standard items / goods from one place to another.  Vendors will provide you with a quote at various stages of your move.  Typically, the three main quote types are are;

  • Self-Survey Quote
  • Pre-Move Survey (PMS) Quote
  • Moving Day Quote (Final Cost)

See below for more details on these quote options.


  Quote Details

The quote will normally include the cost of; 

  • a move survey (usually this is “free”)
  • packing or unpacking goods/items
  • loading or unloading of goods items (from location to transportation)
  • customs clearance (if international move)


Types of Quote

In simple terms, there are four different types of quotes that are normally requested. They are; 

  • Door to Door (see more…)
  • Door to Port (see more…)
  • Port to Door (see more…)
  • Port to Port (see more…)

More information on each type of quote, click here

  Legally Binding Quotes

Traditionally, a legally binding quote is only provided AFTER a Pre-Move Survey (PMS) is done by the vendor. The PMS has always been the basis for providing a binding quote.

But even the PMS Quote will have some conditions attached. These conditions will state that the final items moved on the moving day, will be the same as the inventory of items that was surveyed and agreed at the PMS.  

The conditions will also state that no other details of the move have changed such as the move date, the destination location address etc.





  Quote Options – Self Survey

A Self-Survey is when a vendor has not surveyed your items that will be moved. Self-Surveys are still very uncommon, as most vendors will want to see your goods, before they provide you with a quote. However, some vendors and online vendors will provide you with an initial* quote, which allows you to get a simple comparison of prices/services. At, we provide you with a Self-Survey Quote option, so that you can quickly compare the vendors. 

  Quote Options – Pre-Move (PMS) Survey

A Pre-Move Survey is when the moving vendor visits your location to survey the items that will be moved. The move surveyor will then;

  • make an inventory of your items,
  • estimate the total volume (m3) of items
  • discuss any non-standard items
  • check the location access
  • discuss your destination location details
  • confirm your preferred move dates
  • any other relevant information

Most professional surveyors will be able to accurately calculate your volume within 1-3 m3.  You will then receive an immediate quote, or the quote will be sent to you normally within 24-48 hours.  The surveyor will also need to check the destination location for access and any other issues.


  Quote Options – Move-Day Survey (Final)

Of course, circumstances can change between the initial survey and the actual move day. You may wish to change / add items to be moved, add some non-standard items or you may have forgotten some items that you wanted to move (this happens quite often!). In these cases, your vendor will provide you with an updated cost and may ask you to confirm the cost, BEFORE the move can begin. If it is simply too late to delay the move from your current location, the vendor will surely ask for any additional payments to be made BEFORE any items are delivered to your future location.

In our experience, it is better for customers to be be honest and accurate about how much items they wish to move. The vast majority of professional moving vendors provide a transparent and fair service.  Then everybody wins. 🙂