Cultural Training

A professional introduction to the social, business and political culture of your new destination.
Cultural Training is often one of the most under-estimated relocation services. Indeed, one of the main reasons for unsuccessful relocations is the person or family’s failure to adapt to their new destination location.

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  • Cultural Awareness Workshop | per day

    A Cultural Awareness Workshop (sometimes called “Cultural Training”) is designed to help you quickly understand the local culture of your new destination country / region or city.  The workshop will include information regarding the general rules, law, expected behaviour and habits regarding social, religious, relationships and workplace themes. The service is available as “face to face” or online option. The workshop can be delivered as a half-day or 1 or more days as requested. For full days, simply choose the quantity of days during the checkout page. For half day workshops, please use the “Cultural Awareness Workshop | Half day” product.

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