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This ‘Educator Search’ sub-category shows service providers who offer an experienced Educational Consultant to assist you with you/your child’s School Search. The ‘Educator Search’ service differs from a ‘Standard Search’ in that the consultant is specialised in providing Educational Advice in addition to the Standard School Search service.

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  • Academic Profile Assessment and Consultation

    Your child will complete our online APT assessment. Completed at home, this is a comprehensive aptitude assessment for 8 – 16 year old’s using an AI-powered platform, comparing performance against UK national standards. The APT can be used to identify learning gaps, demonstrate performance to future schools or monitor academic progress, or even as practice for other reasoning-type tests such as UKiset, ISEB Pre-test or 11+ entrance exams. The online assessment will be followed up by presentation of an individual summary report and a thirty-minute video consultation, explaining the results and advising regarding further actions.

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  • Child Guardianship | Advice

    Advice by the half-hour (30 minutes), pointing parents in the right direction regarding guardianship requirements, as well as advice about the best guardian companies or individual guardians to be used.

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  • Child Tutorship | Advice

    Advice by the half-hour (30-minutes), advising parents about tutorial work necessary to enhance an application, as well as direction about the best tutors to be used.

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  • Guaranteed Placement Service

    Our Guaranteed Placement service includes all necessary processes for the placement of your child(ren) at one of 40 carefully selected UK boarding schools – which you can see here.  The Full Service includes; Initial Assessment, Acceptance, Learner Profile Assessment, School Shortlist, Selection Process, Support, Appeals. (Note: We also offer a Bespoke Service which considers all appropriate schools for your child – but without the guaranteed placement).


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  • Interview Technique |1-Hour

    One hour online video practice, supporting and advising the applicant as they approach school interviews, Each session will be followed up with a written report, highlighting findings and suggesting how further progress can be made.

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  • Scene Setting | Advice Consultation

    A forty-five minute online meeting to discuss educational pathways and opportunities within the UK, with the agenda firmly set by the parents or guardian of any potential applicant. The Advice Consultation can include any advice a parent may require before or during their child(s) search and onboarding to a new school.

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  • School Search | Bespoke Service | Stage 1

    From initial consultation all the way through to a discussion about which schools to shortlist for application, our Consultant will offer individualised support and advice. Having created a full learner profile of your child, using tools including our APT assessment, your child will be pointed in the direction of the right schools, where they will succeed, thrive and grow in confidence.

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