Destination Services related to STUDY.

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  • Guaranteed Placement Service

    Our Guaranteed Placement service includes all necessary processes for the placement of your child(ren) at one of 40 carefully selected UK boarding schools – which you can see here.  The Full Service includes; Initial Assessment, Acceptance, Learner Profile Assessment, School Shortlist, Selection Process, Support, Appeals. (Note: We also offer a Bespoke Service which considers all appropriate schools for your child – but without the guaranteed placement).


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  • Scene Setting | Advice Consultation

    A forty-five minute online meeting to discuss educational pathways and opportunities within the UK, with the agenda firmly set by the parents or guardian of any potential applicant. The Advice Consultation can include any advice a parent may require before or during their child(s) search and onboarding to a new school.

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  • School / Kindergarten Search | 1-day

    Search, provide general advice/assistance, and arrange meetings with schools or kindergartens chosen by the client (provided visits are allowed by the schools).

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  • School Search | Educational Adviser

    This independent and professional adviser will provided experienced education advice about the best potential schooling and school for your children.  The Educational Adviser will fully assess your children’s needs and provide guidance, advice and recommendations on which school is most appropriate for your children’s needs and your own circumstances. (See General Description for a full service description).

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