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  • Concierge Service | per hour

    We offer a professional Concierge (Assistance) service for whatever help you need. This includes; Meet & Greet friends, associates & guests; drop-off and collection of items, basic (non-heavy) assistance, short term cover (if you need to go somewhere) and much more.

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  • Driving License Exchange | EU/EEA Country | Non-EU/EEA Nationals

    This service assists NON-EU/EEA nationals to exchange their current license for a LOCAL Driving License.

    Preparation of documents and sending the application
    Booking of any tests (including one re-booking if required)
    Application assistance
    Note: This service fee does not include the official tests and application fees.

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  • Expat Tax Briefing | Individual or Family | Single Country

    The tax briefing would be a briefing of up to one hour that covers the tax implications of leaving/ entering a particular jurisdiction from a tax perspective. It is required to ensure the individual / employee /family understand changes in their personal tax filing and reporting and tax payment obligations but also includes an analysis of tax residency status which is key for proper setup up of payroll.

    This service provides a basic overview and recommendations for an expatriate for a single country*.

    *For expat tax briefing concerning two countries / jurisdictions, (e.g. your current country and your destination country), please order the “Expat Tax Briefing | Double Country” service.

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  • Move Service – LOAD Only

    The Move Service – LOAD Only, offers to professionally load your household or office goods from your location to a waiting transport vehicle. NOTE: The price quoted is “per m3”. The final price (price per m3 X volume quantity) will be displayed in the cart.

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