Vendor Onboarding | Product Editing | Instructions

Dear Vendors – Welcome to

Below are basic instructions how to access your private Vendor Dashboard and start customising the template products to your own requirements. Please send any questions, comments or suggestions to:

Vendor Onboarding Instructions



1.    Complete and submit the Become A Vendor Online Form


Gorelocate will acknowledge your vendor request immediately by email

2.  Log into your Vendor Dashboard

( )

Click on the Frontend Manager tab on the left sidebar.

3.  Click on the Products tab on the left sidebar

Here you will find all the product templates currently available.

4.  Edit each product by clicking the Edit link.

5.  Click on the General Tab to change the price you want to charge for this product / service.

6.  Click on the Attributes Tab to customize the product template attributes (features).


7. Click on each attribute dropdown (e.g. Service Delivery Language) and select the features conditions that you wish (e.g English & French languages)

Note: you can select all feature options if it is applicable, or none.

Move to the next attribute dropdown and repeat.

8. Product Terms & Conditions (T&C): You can add different T&C’s for each product you offer, or the same T&C for all products, as is relevant to your business. Important is that the T&C must cover the basic product template service description that you are offering. You can add / copy-paste text on the text box to the right or add your T&C as a media file (e.g. pdf or jpeg format). Once you have finished your customisation, you should change the Product “Status” from “draft” to “pending”, where will check and publish the products.

9.  Note: you can press Save Attributes button after each attribute change or after you have made all attribute changes. We recommend to save after each change.