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Departure Service (Full)

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A packaged service to assist individuals or families before they leave a destination. Service typically includes; cancellation of utilities and other contracts (bank accounts etc), checkout of the rental home, key return, postal mail forwarding etc.

Whether you are moving back home, or to another property, we can assist you with the formalities of terminating your tenancy. We ensure it is terminated in line with the terms agreed in your lease using the break clause that was negotiated. We also oversee the return of your deposit and negotiate on any issues that may arise with regards to proposed deductions

Service includes:

  • Departure briefing

 Notification of the end of the tenancy to agent or landlord in line with the terms of the tenancy agreement using the break clause.

 Acting as an intermediary for agent / landlord.

 Giving advice on professional cleaning, damage repairs, fair wear and tear etc.

 Arrangement of the check-out with agent / landlord, supplying an inventory clerk for attendance on your behalf to check the inventory and produce an in depth check out report.

 Assistance with transfer of utilities and settling of final bills

 Negotiation of claims for dilapidation’s to ensure the return of your deposit with minimal deductions. Ensuring your deposit is returned in a timely manner and assistance with arbitration if required.

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