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Departure Service (Full)

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A packaged service to assist individuals or families before they leave a destination. Service typically includes; cancellation of utilities and other contracts (bank accounts etc), checkout of the rental home, key return, postal mail forwarding etc.

The Departure Service (FULL Service) includes all services included in a Basic Departure Service, plus additional services. The objective of the Full service is to ensure prompt return of the rental deposit and to manage any issues arising from damages, claims and insurance etc.

  • Cancellation of the lease contract
  • Arrange a pre-checkout inventory inspection
  • Attend pre-checkout inspection
  • Arrange for cleaning of the rental property including garden if necessary
  • Represent the client during the checkout inventory
  • Arrange for utilities to be disconnected
  • Forward final utility bills and other postal mail
  • Arrange for minor repairs to be carried out (ideally some weeks prior to departure)
  • Complete insurance claim form for any repairs that could be reimbursed
  • Liaise with insurance company if major repairs required
  • Make sure repairs are carried out quickly and paid by the insurance organization
  • Get departure confirmation from the authorities (if relevant)
  • Obtain the return of the deposit asap

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