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Short-Term Accommodation Search | Full Service

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The  Short Term Temporary Accommodation Search – Full Service – provides full support to find and manage your temporary rental property and manage the process from search to key handover. Short Term is defined as rental contract of 12 months or less.

Short Term Temporary Accommodation Search - Full Service - includes…

Objective: provides full assistance to find desired temporary accommodation:

  • Send Needs Assessment Questionnaire to customer
  • Establish short-listing of up to max. 4 pre-selected furnished properties
  • Organize visits of the properties with as online photo review / or with the transferee
  • Send descriptive email to the transferee with pros and cons for each property
  • Apply for the chosen property(s)
  • Have the lease established, checked and submitted for signature
  • Make sure that the property will be thoroughly cleaned and in good condition
  • Manage check-in inventory and any follow-up
  • Register for utilities and establish phone/internet/TV connections
  • Arrange liability insurance coverage for the property
  • Assistance with rent payment and establishment of guarantee deposit
  • Tracking of lease expiry dates

Short Term is defined as rental contract of 12 months or less.

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