Provider Onboarding Instructions| Vendor Registration & On-boarding Process

This is a summary of the Vendor Registration & On-boarding Process.  We hope the registration and on-boarding process is simple and easy. If not, please tell us how we can improve it. We welcome your feedback.


1. Vendor Registration Form

You submit your Vendor Registration Form ( )

2. My Account Page

Immediately after you press “submit” button, you will get access to your My Account Page where you can make some basic account changes.  (This is not your Vendor Dashboard – which comes later).

3. Vendor Checking

We make a Vendor Check and approve your registration or request more information

4. Vendor Account Approval

You receive Vendor Account Approval Email with user name and link to your Vendor My Account Page.

5. Vendor My Account Page

You log-in to your Vendor ‘My Account’ Page  either by;

·         using the ‘My Account’ link in the Vendor Account Approval email, or

·         at , or

·         on the ‘My Account’ link on the website footer

(Note: your username was given to you on the Account Approval Email. Your password is same as you used during your Vendor Registration Form process.

Here you can;

·         Update/edit  your Vendor Profile

·         Enter your Frontend Manager Tab

6. Frontend Manager

The Frontend Manager tab allows you to;

·         Get overview of your “shop” status – commissions, orders etc

·         View reports

·         Update your Vendor Settings (payments, bank account, Stripe Payment account etc)

·         Update / edit your Vendor Product(s).

7. Vendor Products Editing (Product Tab)

We have already added the product templates for you. You can find detailed instructions how to update/edit your product template here .

Standard Product Templates

Our marketplace is based on standard products so that customers can easily search and compare. Therefore you must use the product templates provided. You an choose to offer one, some or all products from the product templates. If you wish to suggest a new product, please contact us.

Product Terms & Conditions

You must upload your Terms & Conditions (T&C) when you agree to offer products on  You can upload your T&C document(s) for each product You can prepare one  T&C for all products, or specific T&C for all or some products. This is your choice. All T&C must be uploaded in PDF format or editable PDF format if you wish customer to sign the T&C when they buy your product.

8. Updates Approval

We approve your profile / product updates /edits

9. Products Published

We send you confirmation that your products are “published” on and customers can now buy your services

Useful Links:


Payment Settings

Your payment settings are required so that we can pay your fee from the products / services that customers have ordered from you. We use the globaly trusted STRIPE payment system ( to manage payments from customers to vendors.

To receive payments from customers, you will need to create your own Stripe Account.  This is simple to do and can be setup here: .

Occasionally, we may allow customers to pay by bank transfer. In this case, payments will be made to your bank account also via the Stripe payment gateway.


Your user credentials (username and password) will allow you to customise the Standard Product Templates that we have installed on your Vendor dashboard. You will find these products on the Products Tab on your vendor dashboard home page.  In your vendor dashboard home page, you will be able to customise & select / deselect the products, product conditions (attributes & values) and product pricing.

We have added a default image for your products. After you have uploaded your vendor logo, we will use this logo as your default product image for all of your products.

Once you have updated and customised your products, the products will have the product status – ”pending review”.  Gorelocate admin will review your changes and either;

  • Ask for clarification on some information, or
  • Approve your products and change the product(s) status to – “published”

Help: You can find step by step instructions to edit products at:

You are free to change the pricing and products at any time, as many times as you wish. You may wish to change the pricing on certain products & services for many reasons such as seasonality, demand, resources, introductory offers etc. This is your choice.


  • Once you receive your Approval Email, please login to your Vendor Dashboard at, using your Vendor User Credentials (username and password)
  • Make the necessary changes as you wish.
  • We will approve the changes and your products & services will be published.
  • You will receive an email notification that your products have been published. And that’s it!

Welcome to We wish you much success and look forward to building our relationship over the months and years to come.

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