Provider Services (Product) Editing

Below is a quick guide to adding/editing your services (products) in

Services (Products) Editing Guide

Login to your 'My Account' page at

The ‘My Account’ link is located in the footer menu of Once you login you will see your ‘Vendor Dashboard’.


Select the 'Products' Tab / Select 'All Products'

Select the ‘Products’ Tab from the menu.

Selecting ‘All Products’ will show you a list of all available product/services that you can choose from. These are the ‘product templates’.

Edit: Thumbnail | Product Gallery | Title

Thumbnail: Choose the Upload/Add Image Button and upload your own company logo instead of the Sample Vendor logo.

Product Gallery: Please do NOT add any image in the Product Gallery.

Title: You can NOT change the Product ‘Title’ as this is the default title for this product for all vendors.


Edit: (Product) Description | Excerpt


The ‘description’ is the standard product/service description. We call it the ‘service scope’ – meaning what is and is not included in the product/service.

Do NOT add any media using the ‘Add Media’ Button.

Do NOT add any information in the ‘Description’ box.  All product descriptions have been standardized to ensure that each product/vendor can be easily compared ‘like for like’ (apples with apples…).

Vendors CAN ADD additional text to each product description if you wish to highlight some additional benefit that you offer in addition to the basic standard description.


Do NOT add anything in this Excerpt box. This is the end of the first section on the product editing.


General Tab

The only change you can make in the General tab is for the product/service regular price. Please insert the price (fee) that you wish to charge for the specific product/service.

Inventory | Shipping | Linked Products Tabs

Inventory: Do NOT change anything in the ‘Inventory’ tab.

Shipping: Do NOT change in the ‘shipping’ tab.

Linked Products: Do NOT change anything in the Linked Products tab.

We will start to allow linked product from 1st May 2021. However if you have a specific request please do not hesitate to make a request by sending an email with your request to – with the subject line ‘Linked Product Request’.


Products 'Status'

All products have three basic ‘Status’.

Draft / Pending Review / Publish(ed).

All product templates are defaulted to ‘Draft’.

After you finish making the changes to each Product, please change the Status to ‘Pending Review’ (see below).

Once we have reviewed your initial changes we will agree with you to switch the status to ‘Published’ which means your product(s) will be public on

Attributes Tab (IMPORTANT!)

Attributes are one of the key tools to ensure that customers can find exactly the products and services they need. Attributes are an important part in product/service filtering. (see also ‘Variations’ in next section.

You CAN change the attributes for each individual product.

Attribute – Custom Product Attribute (dropdown box)

This dropdown box shows you all the various ‘Attributes’ that have been added to each individual product / service.

 Attribute -Default Attributes

The default list of Attributes for each product is shown.

Clicking the downward arrow on each attribute will show you all details about this attribute.

Attributes – Adding a NEW Attribute to a Product / Service

Please do NOT add a new attribute. If you want to add a new attribute for any product, please send us an email with your request and we will consider your request.

Repeat this process for each Attribute you wish to add, edit or remove.

Save Attributes (Button)

We recommend to click the Save Attributes button after each Attribute change. However, you can save after each change or just once at the end. It’s your choice.

Attributes Options

Below you can see list of Attributes dropdown box.

In this example above we selected the Attribute ‘EU Citizens Only’.

When you click the ‘Add’ button, the attribute will be added to the list of Attributes for this product – as shown below.

Repeat this process to add as many Attributes as you wish.

Editing Each Attribute

Once you have added all attributes, then select each Attribute to see the details for each attribute.  Here you can edit the attribute as required.

Example Screenshot:

When opened, the Attribute box shows the Attribute Name, the default active Attribute Value(s) – also known as the ‘Variations’, ‘Visible on the product page’ checkbox and the ‘Used for variations’ checkbox.

In the example below, the ‘active’ Attribute Value is showing ’14 Day Refund’.

If you are happy with this value for your product, then you do not need to change any ‘values’.

Select ALL

If you want to see all standard options, please click on the ‘Select All’ button to see all Attribute Value options for this Attribute. Example showing ALL Variation options below.

Select NONE

If you do not want to offer a specific Variation, even for a short time, then you can click on ‘Select None’. This could be useful if you are not sure at the moment, but may wish to use this Attribute in the future. Or you can simply remove the attribute altogether. It’s your choice.

Product Categories | Product Tags | Vendor | Save

Product Categories: Do NOT change the Product Categories box.

Product Tags: Do NOT change the Product Tags box.

Vendor: You can NOT change the Vendor name. If you wish to change your Vendor Name for some reason, please contact us.

Save: ALWAYS Save your work before moving to the next section.

Variations | Advanced | Product Add-Ons

Variations: Do NOT make changes to the Variations box.

Advanced: Do NOT make changes to the Advanced box.

Product Add-Ons: Do NOT make changes to the Product Add-Ons box.


Product Terms & Conditions

All products are covered by the General Products Terms & Conditions (P,T&Cs) which we have asked you to upload during your

If you have any special requests to add any text to the P,T&Cs please send us an email stating which product(s) and any additional text. We will then confirm if and when we have amended the terms for you to review.


WooCommerce Tab

Do NOT click on the WooCommerce tab.

Stripe Connect Payment Gateway

When a customer buys a service from a provider on, all payments are forwarded to the provider via the Stripe Payment Gateway. (

In order to receive your payments, you must first create your own Stripe Standard Account. Once you have done this, you should click on the ‘Stripe Connect’ button in your vendor dashboard. Here you can connect your Stripe account to the Stripe Connect Account.


Set up your Standard Account

You can quickly setup your Stripe Standard Account at

There is no cost for you to set up your Stripe account and takes just five minutes to do.

A Stripe account is necessary so that you can get paid by clients directly via the marketplace.


Connecting your account to Stripe Connect Platform (5 minutes required)

We are asking ALL new and existing vendors to connect / re-connect your account with our GoRelocate Stripe Connect platform.

To do this, you will need to have ready;

your company tax registration number (or personal tax number if you are self employed consultant). This is a legal requirement.
your bank IBAN number (the account where you wish to receive your payment from customers/Stripe

Connect your account using the following steps, which takes less than 5 minutes:

  • Set up a Standard Account (if you have not already done so).
  • Go to page
  • Click on the “Dashboard” tab
  • Click on the “Vendor Settings” tab
  • Click on the “Connect with Stripe” button
  • You will then be redirected to your dashboard where you will be asked to confirm that you wish to connect to GoRelocate Connect. You must then “activate your account” which you will find under the home button on your dashboard page.
  • And that’s the Stripe Connect payment setup completed! If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.



We hope that this guide has helped you to more easily add/edit your products/services on We would be really happy to get your feedback so that we can continually improve the experience for our providers (vendors) in the vendor dashboard. All suggestions welcome at