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Dear Providers – Welcome to! is the only independent global marketplace for ALL professional providers in or connected with the relocation and immigration industry.

I have been an expatriate since 1993, founded and managed a boutique corporate relocation company, and was also country business development director in Switzerland for a leading global mobility provider. I understand the industry from a customer and provider perspective. That is why I believe can help all providers grow their business online.

Kevin Morrison, Founder & CEO

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Customer Focused Marketplace is clearly a customer centric platform and  a disruptor for the global mobility / relocation sector in general. However, we believe we have developed a win-win-win platform that;

Provides customers with a transparent, user friendly way to compare and choose relocation and immigration services

Provides global mobility / relocation providers with an opportunity to market your services to a pre-qualified pool of relocating individuals

Provides corporate HR/Global Mobility managers with a platform to manage their lump sum relocation programmes.


All done in a very customer friendly, transparent and “retail” environment.

Standardised Services

Services in the relocation industry are not standardised enough that a customer can truly compare between providers. So, we have created industry standard services – that all providers must use on By using standard services & features, customers can more find out moregem-int easily compare – not just on price – but on many other features. Of course, providers can add additional information about their services, BUT all services will have a minimum standard service description and features.

Service Pricing

Providers are free to choose your own pricing. You can change the pricing whenever you wish, according to your needs, seasonality or for any other reason.

All prices offered on must be valid for a minimum 30 days. This ensures that the customer has sufficient time to use the service at the agreed price.

Providers can offer longer validity periods if you wish. This could be useful for customers to buy your service(s) further in advance. It’s the Providers choice.

Providers can choose different price validity period for each of their services – but they must have minimum 30 days.

Provider e-Commerce Services

We want Providers to maximise their opportunities on GoRelocate. So we created some additional services, to help providers make the most of their GoRelocate experience and general online approach. For busy providers, we offer multiple services, including;

Provider On-boarding Assistance(order service here)

Online (web, mobile, social) Strategy / Support (order service here)

Consultancy Services (order service here)

Provider Registration Form

Becoming a Provider is easy. Simply complete the registration form and we will reply if your application was successful.

Provider Onboarding Support Package

The Provider Onboarding Assistance Package helps you get started quickly on the GoRelocate marketplace and getting new clients! The package contains:

Upload your services & descriptions to GoRelocate marketplace

Upload your pricing for services

Review and suggestions for your descriptions (content / grammar / style)

Review and recommendations for your pricing, benchmarked to other vendors

Changes & amendments to your product data / descriptions / images – for 14 days

Online Booking Calendar – Sync Setup* (Customer book directly via Google calendar

Top Tips to maximise your online business potential on GoRelocate

Package Price:

€ 150

*Additional cost: €150