Who Is It For


GoRelocate Marketplace is for individuals and businesses who are relocating or travelling for short or long term periods. For individuals starting a new life in another country, students on international study, business travelers constantly moving and for expat employees around the world.


Individual private customers can use GoRelocate to find everything they need from simple tourist visa services to emigrating to a new country.

For leisure, living, work or study - we have it covered.


Employees, consultants and contractors often travel for work related activities and increasingly are managing their own relocation, moving, immigration and work related travel.

These individuals normally receive a lump sum allowance from their employers or contracting agency.  We help simplify the relocation and business travel process for employees, contractors, business travelers and their companies.


Corporate clients and other organisations use GoRelocate to find, benchmark / compare  and order/buy relocation, immigration and related services - that their organisations / employees / contractors  need.

Why GoRelocate for business?

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